kabel type specimen

This is a type specimen book I created for my typography course starring the typeface, Kabel. The book is intended to showcase the font and its various styles and applications, with an art deco inspired theme throughout. The text in the book includes a brief background of the typeface, followed by a selection of quotes from authors from the 1930's; around the same time period that both Kabel and the art deco movement were first introduced to the world. 

logo & Trademark portfolio

This is a compilation of all the work that I produced for my Logo & Trademark Design course. For this class I designed two original logos, as well as two original applications for each. Click the images to enlarge and read a description about the design.



For my Intro to Creativity course, we were asked to create a mind map (a form of brainstorming that originates with a key word and branches off from that) using a medium of our choice. I decided to pair my passion for hand lettering with something I haven't tried before - watercolor. I liked this outcome of this assignment both for the visual appearance as well as what I learned from it: including how ideas relate to each other, pushing oneself to continuously find connections between ideas, and learning a new skill. 



For my typography course, we were asked to present 35 of Jamie Wieck's "#The50 Things Every Creative Should Know" list on an 11x17" poster in a legible, appealing manner. Having recently been inspired by hand-lettering, I decided to incorporate in my poster in order to convey the idea these "commandments" in a playful, creative way. 



This was a project to create a cohesive stamp design for the United States Postal Service. The requirements of this assignment matched those of the USPS Postage Stamp Standards, including that the stamp reflect a significant American cultural event, tradition or movement. Inspired by my upbringing in the Southwest, I chose to showcase the world famous Route 66.