CentralTrack.com is a Dallas-focused alternative online news publication that covers music, nightlife, food, fashion, art, sports and anything else that the 18-35 readership demographic might be relatively interested in.

Below is a selection of some of my most recent or favorite pieces; to see a complete list of all my articles published on Central Track, click here


  • SOUND DECISION: Scenes from Kodak To Graph, OBESØN, Big Wild and Botany show at Three Links (March 2015)
  • SAD FACE: Scene from Yung Lean's show at Trees (December 2014)
  • THE BANDWAGON: An interview with ODESZA and more importantly, their tour van, during their stop in Dallas for Index Festival (October 2014)
  • RENEGADES OF FUNK: Scenes from DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist's show at the House of Blues (September 2014)
  • RANKED: 8 Things You Definitely Should Not Bring to the Mad Decent Block Party in Dallas (August 2014)
  • THE SOUND OF TOMORROW: Scenes from Sango's show at Three Links (July 2014)


  • EYE IN THE SKY: From His Epic Helicopters Perch, Photographer Matt Hawthorne's Showing Off A New Side of Dallas (March 2015)
  • STRETCHED OUT: Scenes from Yoga On The Bridge's record attempt at All Out Trinity (March 2015)
  • LIKE A PRO: Everything You Need To Know Before Boulevarding at SMU Football Games (September 2014)
  • THE NAKED TRUTH: The Most Revealing Yelp Reviews of Strip Clubs in Dallas (August 2013)



The Daily Campus is Southern Methodist University's student run newspaper. Throughout my years at SMU, I have contributed to The Daily Campus numerous times, including editorial pieces as well as regular posts on their news blog, SMU Live

However, my most popular contribution has been my monthly series, Songs You Need To Know, where I curate a playlist of new "must hear" music for students to enjoy, with a byline or two about each individual song and artist. Below I've included some of the most recent installments.

OTHER writing examples

  • ARTICLE 19:  "Article 19" is a blog I created in January 2015 for a course titled "Human Rights & The Journalist." The class focused on studying human rights in the media, and the ethics behind reporting on violations of these rights. For my blog, I focused on Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which includes the freedom of speech, expression, and the press. My posts touch on prevalent issues in the media and international government, while relating it all back to Article 19. 
  • ZOE BEING CREATIVE: Also created in January 2015, this blog was part of an advertising course titled "Intro to Creativity." The posts cover everything from creative inspiration to artistic idols, analyses of creative processes and a teddy bear costume we made for a friend's dog.