In our own words, "SMU Sound is a network of high-quality radio shows that are centered around the students at Southern Methodist University."

In January 2015, fellow Journalism student Cody Beavers and I teamed up to bring student radio back to life at SMU. Now introducing SMU Sound, a brand new radio station based entirely online and focused on free, downloadable podcasts and playlists for all. Check out our site in full here. 

The first playlist you'll find below is our debut original podcast series, "Origins." This series follows us on our adventure of creating a student-run radio from scratch and all the various challenges we met along the way. 

This next playlist is my original podcast series titled, "SMUsic." This podcast is a compilation mixtape that spotlights music made exclusively by the wonderful and talented students of SMU.


This audio story was the first of a three-part multimedia project for my Digital Journalism class in Fall 2014. My focus was Josey Records, the newest and biggest record store to hit the Dallas-Fort Worth area. JT Donaldson, one of Josey's founders, talks about what it was like opening a vinyl and music store of this scale, and what hopes he has for the future of Josey.